Climate project verification

climate project verification

By the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated March 24, 2022, No. 455, the Rules for verification the results of climate projects for issuing carbon units into circulation were approved.

Verification is the verification and confirmation of information on the reduction or prevention of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as on their increase in absorption. It is carried out based on a climate project implementation report. The report must comply with the form established by Appendix No. 4 to the order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation dated May 11, 2022, No. 248.

Only accredited legal entities or individual entrepreneurs in the national system have the right to conduct verification. They must have the status of a greenhouse gas validation and verification body and not be affiliated with the executor of the climate project or third parties collaborating with them in preparing the report.

The list of accredited bodies for validation and verification can be found on the official website of Rosaccreditation. The link to the website is only accessible from the territory of the Russian Federation.

To find the necessary bodies, you need to enter the abbreviation “ОВВПГ” (Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Body or “Орган по валидации и верификации” in Russian) in the “Тип аккредитованного лица” (Type of Accredited Entity) field.

Verification is carried out based on a contract concluded between the verification body and the client (project executor or other party).

The contract includes:

  • Verification deadlines
  • Date of report submission
  • Responsibilities of the parties

As part of the verification, the verification body visits the project implementation site to verify the accuracy of the information in the report. The verification body may request additional documents and information from the client necessary to explain and confirm the information in the report.

Based on the verification results, the verification body prepares a report.

It includes conclusion on verification with a final conclusion that:

  • The data in the report are accurate (positive conclusion)
  • The data in the report are inaccurate or there is insufficient evidence to verify them (negative conclusion)

The client of the verification has the opportunity to rectify the shortcomings that led to the issuance of a negative conclusion and submit the climate project implementation report for verification again. The procedure and deadlines for this process are specified in the contract.

Upon successful verification, the climate project executor has the right to initiate the issuance of carbon units by submitting an application to the Registry Operator, accompanied by:

  • Report on project implementation results
  • Positive verification conclusion.