Climate project report

Climate project report

According to part 4 of article 9 of Federal Law No. 296-FZ dated July 2, 2021, “On Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” the issuance of carbon units requires the preparation of a climate project implementation report, followed by its verification. The form of the report itself and the procedure for its submission are established by Appendices No. 3 and 4 to the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation dated May 11, 2022, No. 248.

The climate project report can be prepared by the executor or another party based on a contract and consists of the following sections:

  • Section 1. General information about the climate project
  • Section 2. Brief description of the climate project
  • Section 3. Alignment of the climate project with the criteria for classifying projects implemented by legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, or individuals as climate projects
  • Section 4. Information on the classification of the project as a climate project
  • Section 5. Type of climate project Section 6. Location of climate project implementation Section 7. Methodologies
  • Section 8. List of economic and other activities accompanied by greenhouse gas emissions and/or absorption, as well as other objects (if applicable) that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or increase absorption
  • Section 9. Baseline
  • Section 10. Deviations from methodologies
  • Section 11. Information on the progress of climate project implementation
  • Section 12. Information on planned, actual, and projected reductions (prevention) of greenhouse gas emissions and/or increases in their absorption
  • Section 13. Information on the number of carbon units to be issued upon registration of the climate project
  • Section 14. Consultations with experts (if applicable)
  • Section 15. Plan for collecting primary data to confirm information on greenhouse gas emission reductions (prevention) or increased absorption (monitoring)
  • Section 16. Data and parameters for monitoring
  • Section 17. Monitoring plan and process

The climate project executor submits the report to the operator using the federal state information system “Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (Functions).” The report on climate project implementation is accompanied by a verification report with a positive conclusion. The climate project executor has the opportunity to gradually prepare and submit the climate project implementation report, allowing for the issuance of carbon units as needed.

Based on the climate project implementation report, in accordance with subparagraph “п” of point 17 of the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation dated April 30, 2022, No. 790, “On Approval of the Rules for Creating and Maintaining a Registry of Carbon Units, as well as Conducting Operations with Carbon Units in the Carbon Units Registry,” the operator enters information into the registry of carbon units about the date of preparation of the climate project implementation report, its details, the date of signing the verification conclusion, and the final conclusion of the accredited entity. This information is posted by the operator on the official website in accordance with point 37.

To issue carbon units simultaneously with the climate project report, according to point 43 of the above-mentioned resolution, the climate project executor must submit a corresponding application to the operator.