11-17 March 2024

Climate change news. 11-17 March 2024

Posts in the category “Climate change news” are published weekly. The topic of the news is the major events of the Russian climate regulation.

In addition to news publications, the portal CarbonUnits.RU contains basic information:


The private Russian space company SR Space has launched SR CMS – a system for monitoring major greenhouse gases from space.

  • 2 layers: heat map of emissions and emission points (with data scale and time scale available)
  • Data: methane (CH4), other GHGs (in the future)
  • Sources: Sentinel-5P satellites of the European Copernicus mission, EMIT spectrometer of the international VISIONS mission
  • Monitoring subjects: emission sources, industrial enterprises, pipelines

Can be useful for:

  • Business and industry
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Scientific community